Fresh Vegetables

Garden fresh and organically cultivated for optimal taste, our Fresh Vegetables are grown to maximize flavor, not just fiber. Grown in rural India, far away from the pollution of the uber life, these Fresh Vegetables are gently cared for until they are ripe for harvesting. Free of any artificial colors or any pesticides, our Fresh Vegetables include Fresh Red Onion, Garlic, Tomato, Carrot and Potato, all grown to perfection in flavor.

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Fresh Red Onion

Reputed for catering to specific clients needs, our Fresh Red Onion is hygienically packed and processed so that there is minimal contamination and damage done to the garden fresh vegetable. Organically cultivated and pesticide free, our Fresh Red Onion is guaranteed to be the most flavorsome in India, as they are specifically


Fresh Garlic

Organically grown, without any pesticides of artificial coloring, our Fresh Garlic is cultivated using our state of the art facilities and cutting edge techniques. Affordably priced, our Fresh Garlic is priced at competitive rates, despite its vastly superior quality and richer flavor, as compared to the other garlic made


Fresh Tomato

Hand picked and selected for the best, reddest, juiciest, and most flavorsome tomatoes, our Fresh Tomatoes are grown with special care to ensure that they live up to international standards of high quality. Organically cultivated and free of all pesticides, these Fresh Tomatoes are also free of any artificial color to ensure


Fresh Carrot

Meeting all national and international standards, our Fresh Carrots are specifically grown and hand selected to be tested against all stringent regulations. Grown with no artificial color, pesticide or unnatural fertilizer, our Fresh Carrots are grown in an all natural environment, where organic is always the way to go. Our


Fresh Potato

Garden fresh and organically cultivated, our Fresh Potatoes are the best in the market, especially with their exceptional size, shape and high quality taste. Affordably priced, these Fresh Potatoes are grown with no preservatives, pesticides, and artificial colors. Since they are grown in an all natural environment, these Fresh