Sourced from Indias leading suppliers of raw materials, our Minerals have one of the highest quality and richest ores found in India. Easily available at reasonable prices, our range of Minerals includes Irons Ores, Micaceous Iron Oxide, Quarts Crystals, Manganese Lumps, Limestone Lumps and Sulphur Lumps. Available in several colors - as per the minerals - sizes, and shapes, our Minerals can be customized to suit the customers requirements.

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Iron Ores

One of the most common and important minerals found in the process of making tools and armor, these Iron Ores are sourced from Indias leading supplier of raw materials. Rich in their ores and highly pure, these Iron Ores are also corrosion resistant. In addition, since we cater to clients specific needs, we are also offering


Micaceous Iron Oxide

Suited for being used in anti rust coatings, because of its high corrosion resistant, our Micaceous Iron Oxide is one of the most powerful anti corrosive materials in India. Affordably priced, our Micaceous Iron Oxide is highly durable and possesses high quality that allows it to be used for various applications in construction


Quartz Crystals

With their long service life and strong construction, our Quartz Crystals are one of the hardest materials used in making coatings. Highly pure and accurate in composition, our Quartz Crystals are highly effective and available in several quantities, shapes and sizes. Using our vast experience in processing and exporting, our


Manganese Lumps

Known for their high durability, and superior quality, our Manganese Lumps are priced at incredibly competitive rates. Due to their unmatched physical properties, these Manganese Lumps are highly popular all throughout the world. Made using our cutting edge techniques and state of the art technology, our Manganese Lumps are


Limestone Lumps

Made out of high quality, premium grade limestone that is sourced from one of Indias leading suppliers of raw materials, these Limestone Lumps are processed using our cutting edge techniques and state of the art technology. Finely refined and processed, our affordably priced Limestone Lumps are used in many industries, to serve


Sulphur Lumps

Taken straight from Indias biggest refineries and firms, our Sulphur Lumps have a very long shelf life and accurate formulations in order to provide a highly pure form that had a wide range of applications. Catering to specific clients needs, our Sulphur Lumps are available in several customizable shapes, sizes and quantities,